Hi I'm Luz, Latina,15, physically and mentally fucked up. I do not promote disorders or harmful activities, this blog is my way of expressing my feelings and thoughts.

Feel free to ask me any thing.

“I wasn’t enough,
but I really miss you, so
please come back to me”

– please stay with me (2/365) t.f. (via delicate—souls)

1. Ask how they are, and when they say horrible ask them why.

2. Let them rant, let them cry, let them scream and curse and pour there heart out.

3. When they’re done don’t give them advice, because honestly you don’t know what to do either, give them a hug.

4. Tell them their life sucks, tell them that this is unfair, tell them love should last and families should stay together and people shouldn’t die.

5. Tell them you’re there to listen whenever they want, and that if they die, you won’t be the same. You’ll never ever be the same. Tell then the feeling doesn’t last, and that this won’t last forever. Tell them the truth.

6. Tell them you love them. And mean it .

– 6 steps to helping someone, that might just work.
a.b (via let-me-breathe-deeply)

“If you could read my eyes, it’d shatter your heart.”

– Tyler Draper (via merticual)

You feel so lonely
And you start to cry
But nobody understands

Nobody sees
Just how broken you really are

– M. (via kissedby-suicide)